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About World Direct Trading

World Direct Trading was founded in June 2010, and is located in Vancouver, Canada.  We provide a range of products across Canada and the world. It has the infrastructure and highly qualified personnel for the distribution of its products, locally and internationally.

World Direct Trading was started by Alban Sagastume, with a vision of helping fruit producers in Latin America by investing in growing fruit and selling them to the International market so that they make a better profit and provide a better way of living. At the same time, we continue working with organic and exotic fruit to obtain a better market in the world. The people that work with us are reliable – they provide good quality service and they produce excellent products.

World Direct Trading is a company in Canada dedicated to producing and assisting marketing and exporting the different regions agricultural products in partnership with producers from different parts of the countries they are continuously monitoring all production processes, seeking to obtain the best quality in their products delivered worldwide.

World Direct Trading Join together to work with the producers to market products to canada. Our two companies are working together to provide the final consumer the best products internationally. We combine efforts, resources, experience and knowledge to achieve the best quality and distribution of our products. We deliver to anywhere in the world, we have no borders or limits.

A Message From World Direct Trading Canada: Individuals or companies who buy our fruit are helping our producers and their families to have a better standard of living.

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